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Executive Committee


The REES Executive Committee represents the general faculty and is authorized to make policy decisions between meetings of the full faculty. The Executive Committee assists the Director and Assistant and/or Associate Director with the interpretation and implementation of policies; the evolution of grant proposal strategies; the annual review of the Program and degree requirements; the admission of students; the hearing of student petitions and grievances. The Executive Committee also has the power to appoint standing and ad hoc committees. At its discretion, the Executive Committee may urge that major changes in policy be sent to the REES Committee for discussion and vote.

Executive Committee 2019-2020


Vitaly Chernetsky       


Slavic Languages & Literatures

Ani Kokobobo

Renee Perelmutter



Nathan Wood


Political Science 

Robert Rohrschneider



John Guillian


Professional Schools

Mary-Alice L’heureux, School of Architecture, Design & Planning


At Large

Alexander Diener, Geography & Environmental Studies  


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