Dinara Rakhmatullayeva

Dinara Rakhmatullayeva

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Dinara Rakhmatullayeva is a visiting research fellow from Kazakhstan. She received her PhD in Economics from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in 2016. 

Mohamed Ali El-Hodiri, Professor of economics from the University of Kansas, served as co-advisor of her dissertation research. Her dissertation research was connected with the study of social effects arising from the attraction of FDI in the regions of Kazakhstan.

Dinara Rakhmatullayeva researches various forms of foreign private capital and their development prospects in Kazakhstan with an important focus on investment efficiency, in particular social efficiency. She is interested in researching the impact of foreign private capital on the welfare of the population in Kazakhstan. As part of the current study, she will build a Model for direct measurement of wealfare in Kazakhstan, taking into account the impact of foreign capital, as well as the pandemic and economic sanctions against Russia, which is Kazakhstan's main trading partner in the post-Soviet space.

Dinara Rakhmatullayeva has twenty-two years of teaching experience at Al-Farabi KazNU at the Department of Economics of the High School of Economics and Business. She teaches courses such as the Fundamentals of Macroeconomics for undergraduates, Macroeconomic Modeling for graduate students, and Macroeconomic Analysis for PhD students. In addition, she has taught courses in investment design and valuation, financial mathematics for undergraduates.