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Minor in Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies

The KU Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies (REES) minor offers a multidisciplinary understanding of a broad region that stretches from Eastern Europe to Central Asia.

The REES minor is similar to the major in that it complements traditional disciplinary study with REES coursework and general area knowledge of the languages, arts, literatures, histories, politics and cultures of Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Southeast Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

The REES minor is different from the major in that no foreign language is required.

Degree Requirements - Download Degree Checklist

Successful REES minors will complete 18 credit hours of REES area studies electives. Of these 18 credit hours, no more than 1 course in your major program may count towards the REES minor. The 18 credit hours are broken down as follows: 1 intro to REES (3CR); 3 area studies electives at the 300-level or above (15CR).

Intro to REES - 3CR
REES minors have two options for an introductory REES course. Both options meet KU Core Goal 4.2 and have Honors Sections available:

Area Studies Electives - 15CR
REES minors are required to take 3 REES-approved courses distributed among 5 thematic areas for a full and complete understanding of the REES world area. The 5 thematic areas are:

     1. Literature & the Arts

     2. History

     3. Political Science

     4. Philosophy & Religion

     5. Economics, Business & Geography

To be REES-approved, at least 25% of the course must focus on the REES world area. A list of REES-approved courses is published on the CREES website at the beginning of each enrollment period. Talk with your advisor about which REES courses best fit your personal interests and future career goals.


Job opportunities for graduates with Russian, East European and Eurasian language skills and education grow as businesses and communities broaden their ties to this area of the world. A REES minor will give you the competitive edge you need for an entry-level position in government, the military, or business. With additional education, you can pursue a career in international business, law, library and information science, diplomacy, or college teaching and research.

Undergraduate Advising

Thinking about a REES major or minor? Good choice! To fill out the necessary paperwork and learn more about how an undergraduate degree in REES fits into your overall KU education, contact:

Academic Advisor

Nicole Evans



Associate Director

Dr. Peter Bobkowski


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