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Do I need to know Russian? No! Even though you'll be working closely with Eco-Reps in Russia, you do not need to know anything about Russian, because interpreters will be available every step of the way.

Can I work alone, or do I have to be part of a team? If you'd like to work alone, you are able to. You will be paired up with Russian Eco-Reps who have interests similar to yours, but you won't be working on a project with them, you'll just be able to talk with them throughout the year as you develop your project.

Am I able to participate without developing a project? Yes! If you're interested in learning about sustainability, but don't want to develop a project, you are still welcome to sit in on the webinars as our participants learn more about sustainability. If this is something you're interested in, send an email to kgrumbles@ku.edu.

Useful Links:

What is sustainable living?
The Center for Transboundary Cooperation (CTC) in St. Petersburg
The Center for Sustainable Living in Bloomington, Indiana
We also have Facebook and Twitter!
For examples of sustainability projects on campus, check out the KU Sustainability Center.
For examples of sustainability projects in the community, check out the Lawrence Sustainability Network.
Check out some previous projects from Santa Clara University and Columbia University's Eco-Reps Program.

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