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Selected Publications

Agadjanian, V. (2002). Men doing 'women's work': Masculinity and gender relations among street vendors in Maputo. Journal of Men's Studies, 10(3), 329-342.

Agadjanian, V. (2002). Men's talk about 'women's matters': Gender, communication, and contraception in Mozambique. Gender & Society, 16(2), 194-215.

Agadjanian, V., & Prata, N. (2002). War, peace and fertility in Angola. Demography, 39(2), 215-231.

Agadjanian, V. (2001). Negotiating through reproductive change: Gendered social interaction and fertility change in Mozambique. Journal of Southern African Studies, 27(2), 292-309.

Agadjanian, V. (2001). Religion, social milieu, and the contraceptive revolution. Population Studies, 55(2), 135-148.

Agadjanian, V., & Prata, N. (2001). War and reproduction: Angola's fertility in comparative perspective. Journal of Southern African Studies, 27(2), 427-441.

Agadjanian, V., & Chika Ezeh, A. (2000). Polygyny, gender relations, and reproduction in Ghana. Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 31(4), 427-441.

Agadjanian, V. (2000). Women's work and fertility in a sub-Saharan urban setting: A social environment approach. Journal of Biosocial Science, 32(1), 17-35.

Agadjanian, V. (1999). Zionist churches in the urban sociocultural space of Mozambique in the 1980s and 1990s. In . (Ed.), Lusotopie: Enjeux Comtemporains dans les Espaces Lusophones (pp. 415-423). Paris: Karthala.

Agadjanian, V. (1999). Post-Soviet demographic paradoxes: Ethnic differences in marriage and fertility in Kazakhstan. Sociological Forum, 14(3), 425-46.

Agadjanian, V. (1998). 'Quasi-legal' abortion services in sub-Saharan setting: Users' profile and motivations. International Family Planning Perspectives, 24(3), 111-16.

Agadjanian, V. (1998). Economic security, informational resources, and women's reproductive choices in urban Mozambique. Social Biology, 45(1-2), 60-79.

Agadjanian, V. (1998). Trapped on the margins: Social characteristics, economic conditions, and reproductive behavior of internally displaced women in urban Mozambique. Journal of Refugee Studies, 11(3), 284-303.

Agadjanian, V. (1998). Women's choice between indigenous and western contraception in urban Mozambique. Women and Health, 28(2), 1-17.

Agadjanian, V. (1997). Ethnocultural identity and induced abortion in Kazakstan. Studies in Family Planning, 28(4), 317-329.

Peabody, J., Agadjanian, V., Carter, G., & Mann, J. (1995). Advancing Health Care Reform in Ecuador: Analysis of Current Options (RAND Series). Santa Monica, CA.

Heer, D., Agadjanian, V., Hammad, F., Qiu, Y., & Ramasundaram, S. (1992). A comparative analysis of the position of undocumented Mexicans in the Los Angeles County work force in 1980. International Migration, 30(2), 101-126.

Agadjanian, V. (1991). The Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict: Sociodemographic aspects. In . (Ed.), Ethnic Conflicts in the U.S.S.R.: Causes, Specificity, and Problems of Study (pp. 4-14). Moscow: Institute of Ethnology.

Agadjanian, V. (1989). Articles on peoples of Angola and Mozambique. In . (Ed.), Peoples of the World. Moscow.

Agadjanian, V. (1986). Ethnosocial processes in an Angolan town. Sovetskaya Etnografia, 1, 109-115.

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