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Admission Criteria and How to Apply

Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies has no special admissions procedures for undergraduate students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to declare a major in REES.  Our minor program isopen to any student in the good standing in the College.  To be successful in upper level coursework, prospective majors should complete the first two years of language study with strong grades.



The KU Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies (REES) program covers a broad geographical region, home to rich and diverse cultures that have enormous impact on today's world. 

REES undergraduate students take courses in language, arts, science, history, geography, economics, and cultures of the REES world area. They learn about global topics like migration, human trafficking, environmental policy, democracy development, human rights, natural resource management, and international affairs, as these issues relate to the REES region. The degree may be customized according to the student's interests and career goals.

The language skills, analytical tools and geopolitical awareness acquired through a REES degree are compatible with a broad range of careers in the public or private sector. Alumni of the program have found employment in the government -- State Department, USAID, US Armed Forces, and the intelligence community, for example. They also often find successful careers in non-profits or NGOs, journalism, education, business, and media. 



Beginning in Spring 2016, KU students will now have the option to solely concentrate on REES without a co-major, and declare a stand-alone REES major. To better serve the interests of REES students, the new major allows for greater geographic and disciplinary depth through a wide range of area studies electives and regional tracks.

The REES major is effective as of Spring 2016. The new degree requirements will not affect students already enrolled in the REES co-major -- these students will be allowed to complete their degree as planned. The new requirements will only apply to students who declare the major January 2016 or after.

Degree Requirements - Download Degree Checklist

Successful REES majors will complete 30 credit hours of REES language and area studies electives. The 30 credit hours are broken down as follows: 1 advanced level REES-area language course (3CR); 1 intro to REES (3CR); 2 methodology seminars (6CR); 6 area studies electives (18CR).

Adv. Language Course - 3CR
REES majors must complete at least 1 advanced level REES-area language course. The following REES languages are offered at KU: Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Czech, Polish, Russian, Slovene, Tajik/Farsi, Turkish, Ukrainian, Uyghur and Yiddish. Click here to find out more.

Intro to REES - 3CR
REES majors have two options for an introductory REES course. Both options meet KU Core Goal 4.2 and have Honors Sections available:

Area Studies Electives - 18CR
REES majors are required to take 6 REES-approved area studies electives. At least 1 course (3CR) should be taken from each of the following geographic areas:

  • Russia and Eastern Europe
  • South and Central Europe
  • Central Eurasia

At least 1 course (3CR) should be taken in each of the following disciplinary tracks:

  • Arts, Culture & Religion
  • History
  • Social Sciences

To be REES-approved, at least 25% of the course must focus on the REES world area. A list of REES-approved courses is published on the CREES website at the beginning of each enrollment period. Talk with your advisor about which REES courses best fit your personal interests and future career goals.

Out of the 18CR of area studies electives, 12CR should be upper-level courses (300-level or higher). At least one (3CR) of these electives should be taken from the Department of Slavic Languages & Literatures at 500-level or above, and involve the use of a REES language.

REES majors are encouraged to pursue double majors. Of the 30 required credit hours for the REES major, 15 may overlap with another major. While the REES major can be paired with any other major of minor available on the KU campus, the most common double majors are with Global & International Studies (GIST), Slavic Languages & Literatures (SLAV), and Political Sciences (POLS).

Methodology Seminars - 6CR
REES majors are required to take 2 methodology seminars, which will prepare them to research and write a final paper utilizing the student's advanced REES-area language skills. The methodology seminars develop professional skills in research methodologies, topical analysis, use of foreign language resources, and communication.

Undergraduate Advising

Thinking about a REES major or minor? Good choice! To fill out the necessary paperwork and learn more about how an undergraduate degree in REES fits into your overall KU education, contact:

Academic Advisor

Nicole Evans


CREES Assistant Director & Undergraduate Advisor

Dr. Peter Bobkowski

Associate Director


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