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Mohamed A. El-Hodiri

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - Economics
Primary office:
Snow Hall
Room 359
University of Kansas
1460 Jayhawk Blvd.
Lawrence, KS 66045


Research Interests

  • 0Dynamical Economic Systems
  • Neuro Foundations of decisions
  • Structural analysis

Selected Publications

El-Hodiri, M. A., & Rakhmatullaeva, D. (in press). Modeling the Social Effect of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the regions of Kazakhstan. Journal of Business and Economics (ISSN 2155-7950), USA (# 6 , 2018) 28. New York, New York USA: Academic Star Publishing Company, http://www.academicstar.us 228 East 45th Street, Ground Floor, #CN00000267, New York NY 10017 Tel: 347-566-2153, 347-230-6798 Fax: 646-619-4168, 347-426-1986.

El-Hodiri, M. A., Zhussopova, Z. & Onyusheva, I. (in press). Corporate Governance and Firm Value of Kazakhistani Companies in the conditions of economic instability. Polish Journal of Management Studies 17(June 2018) 8. Czestochowa: Czestochowa University of Technology.

El-Hodiri, M. A., Kudasheva, T. & Kunitsa, S. (2015). Methods of Measurement of Socio-Geographical Inequality in Kazakhstan, A consequence to the distribution of Oil Development? . Journal of Economic Sociology, 3(1), 7 - 23. http://du.lv/files/000/011/615/JES_2015-3.pdf?1442840714 http://du.lv/lv/fakultates/szf/strukturvienibas/instituti_zinatniska_darbiba/spi/izdevumi/Ekon_soc

El-Hodiri, M. A., & Mukhmadiyev, B. (2014). MONETARY POLICY RULES IN SOME TRANSITION ECONOMIES. EURASIAN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS AND FINANCE, 2(3), 26 - 44. http://eurasianpublications.com/Eurasian-Journal-of-Economics-and-Finance/Vol.-2-No.3-2014.aspx http://eurasianpublications.com/Eurasian-Journal-of-Economics-and-Finance/Vol.-2-No.3-2014.aspx

(1971). Lecture Notes in Operations Research and Mathematical Systems, No. 56. Constrained Extrema: Introduction to the Differentiable Case with Economic Application. Springer Verlag, New York, Heidelberg.

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