Master of Arts in Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies

The Center awards an interdisciplinary M.A. degree. Requirements for the degree include 30 credit hours distributed as follows:

  1. Completion of a 6th semester language class, i.e., the second semester of an advance language class
  2. Three courses, for a total of 9 credit hours, in the department or subject group of the student's special interest; at least two of these courses must be area specific. The five thematic areas are: 1) Literature and the Arts, 2) History, 3) Political Science, 4) Philosophy and Religion, 5) Economics, Business, Geography
  3. One course in each of the other four subject groupings for a total of 12 credit hours.
  4. Successful completion of REES 898 and REES 899, an interdisciplinary M.A. seminar (6 credit hours), develops advanced research skills.  REES 898, which is normally taken at the beginning of the degree program, emphasizes learning the tools and methods necessary to study this region of the world.  In REES 899, students write an interdisciplinary research paper using materials in the student’s chosen target language. Before enrolling in REES 899, the student must have completed an advanced language course in the target language.
  5. The examination procedure for REES MA students consists of an MA Portfolio, which is further described here.

Students have the option of fulfilling their special interest requirements via elective courses across departments. They may also use these credits towards graduate certificates in other units with overlapping requirements. The University of Kansas offers a variety of certificate programs, such as Cyber Security or Peace and Conflict Studies.

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