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Dennis F. Karney

School of Business - Business
Professor Emeritus
Primary office:
Capitol Federal Hall
Room 4187
University of Kansas
1654 Naismith Drive
Lawrence, KS 66045-7601


International Business, Organizational Change, and World Class Operations


Teaching Innovations

• Co-designer and Lead Teacher of the Global Research Integrative Project Class, a team taught, 8 credit class focused on a world industry and an area of world. Offered 4 times since 2003. Lead abroad portions to Germany twice on automobiles and China once on light trucks.

• Designed and Lead (2000-6) the MBA study course in France over spring break. Course is jointly delivered with ESC-Clermont with a focus on European Business Practices. A significant team project is included with teams composed of students from both schools with students from 5-15 countries.

• Co-designed and Co-lead the initial MBA summer study tour to China in 2002.

• Designed for Zhongnan University an intensive 4 day EMBA class on World Class Operations. Delivered in summer at multiple sites throughout China since 2004.

• Co-designed and taught (1995-2002, 2006-7 & 2009-11) in the International Week at ESC-Clermont. During week, all students (400+) take an intense class for 4 days taught in a language other than French by a Business professional from a foreign country. Typical class size is 20-30 students with professionals typically from Europe or the Americas.

• Designed (1985-97) and Delivered (through 2003) seven new courses in the area of operations management, quality management and manufacturing strategy. Initially hired to introduce operations management into both graduate and undergraduate curriculum.

Courses Taught

• Undergraduate: International Business, International Management, Customer-Focused Operations, and Business, Culture & Society in Europe.

• Graduate: International Business, Managing in a Global Environment, Global Research Integrative Project, Operations Management, and Managing Change.

• Executive: World Class Operations for Executives (in China), and Total Quality Management.

Teaching Interests

  • International business
  • World class operations
  • Organizational change


Professional & Grant Experience

• Serve as a subject matter expert on East-West cultural differences for the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies (UFMCS) at Fort Leavenworth (2011 – present).

• Center for International Business, Education and Research Associate Faculty Director (spring 2002-fall 2006), Co-PI of Title VI grant (fall 2002-summer 2006), and leader of several key curricular and outreach initiatives.

• Significant professional time in France, China, Ukraine & Germany. Developmental time in Russia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria & Turkey.

• Chief consultant to KU Med Center leadership team on improvement and change efforts on both medical campuses (1994-1998).

• Co-designed and delivered with three colleagues various 1-5 day management development classes focused on Total Quality Management. Over 200 seminar days delivered (1988-1996).

• Assisted numerous regional and national organizations in both manufacturing and services with improvement efforts. Designed customized improvement strategies for over a dozen organizations, serving as lead transformational consultant for six of them.

Selected Publications

Perry, E. E., Karney, D. F., & Spencer, D. G. (2013). Team Establishment of Self-Managed Work Teams: A Model From the Field. Team Performance Management: An International Journal, 19(1/2), 87-108.

Tee, M. Y., & Karney, D. F. (2010). Sharing and Cultivating Tacit Knowledge in an Online Learning Environment. International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, 5, 385-413.

Bryant, M. Karney, D. F., & Vigier, M. (2010). What Can Happen When Business and Language Faculty Cooperate Across an Ocean? American Journal of Business Education, 3(11), 119-129.

Tee, M. & Karney, D. F. (2009). A Framework and Mental Model to Foster Deep Learning in the Classroom. In A. Husani & I. Noraint (Eds.), DIMENSIONS OF EDUCATION: Issues, Challenges & Direction (pp. 293-314). New Delhi: Gyan Publishing House.

Karney, D. F., & Tee, M. (2007). Creating a Conducive Environment for Deep Learning in the Classroom. In Proceedings International Conference on Teaching and Learning. Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Karney, D. F., & Marker, D. (2007). Cultural Dissonance: a Micro-Process of Organizational Change. In Proceedings of the Academy of Management. Philadelphia.

Barnes, F. B., & Karney, D. F. (2007). Setting the Stage for Effective Execution of Change: Practical Advice for Leading Change Efforts. International Journal of Business Research, 7(6), 45-56.

Karney, D. F., & Hillmer, S. C. (2002). An Evaluation of the Foundations of Deming's Management Theory. In Proceedings of Eighth Annual Deming Research Seminar. New York.

Hillmer, S. C., & Karney, D. F. (2001). In Support of the Assumptions at the Foundation of Deming's Management Theory. Journal of Quality Management, 6(2), 371-400.

Dalrymple, J. Hillmer, S. C., Karney, D. F., Edgeman, R. L., & Geroy, G. (2000). Knowledge Creation and Advancement of Organizational Excellence. Quality Engineering, 12(4), 619-626.

Karney, D. F., Bryant, M. & Sheehan, D. (2000). Le Role des Professeurs de Langues dans L’Acceleration du Processus D’Internationalisation: L’Example D’Une Ecole de Commerce. [The Role of Language Professors in the Acceleration of the Globalization Process: The Example of One School of Business]. In Proceedings of 28th Congress UPLEGESS pour une identite et une citoyennete europeennes: position, roles et objectives nouveaux pour le professeur de langues. Brest, France: ENSIETA.

Karney, D. F., Barnes, F. & Feld, L. (1998). Unstated requirements from the Baldrige Criteria: Lessons Learned from John Deere. In Proceedings of the Southern Management Academy.

Hillmer, S. C., & Karney, D. F. (1997). Towards Understanding the Foundations of Deming's Theory of Management. Journal of Quality Management, 2(2), 171-189.

Kleinsorge, I. K., & Karney, D. F. (1992). Management of Nursing Homes Using Data Envelopment Analysis. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 26(1), 57-71.

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