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Dennis F. Karney

School of Business - Business
Ned N. Fleming Distinguished Teaching Professor
Primary office:
Capitol Federal Hall
Room 4187
University of Kansas
1654 Naismith Drive
Lawrence, KS 66045-7601



Teaching Interests

  • International business
  • World class operations
  • Organizational change


Professional & Grant Experience

• Serve as a subject matter expert on East-West cultural differences for the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies (UFMCS) at Fort Leavenworth (2011 – present).

• Center for International Business, Education and Research Associate Faculty Director (spring 2002-fall 2006), Co-PI of Title VI grant (fall 2002-summer 2006), and leader of several key curricular and outreach initiatives.

• Significant professional time in France, China, Ukraine & Germany. Developmental time in Russia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria & Turkey.

• Chief consultant to KU Med Center leadership team on improvement and change efforts on both medical campuses (1994-1998).

• Co-designed and delivered with three colleagues various 1-5 day management development classes focused on Total Quality Management. Over 200 seminar days delivered (1988-1996).

• Assisted numerous regional and national organizations in both manufacturing and services with improvement efforts. Designed customized improvement strategies for over a dozen organizations, serving as lead transformational consultant for six of them.

Selected Publications

Perry, E. E., Karney, D. F., & Spencer, D. G. (2013). Team Establishment of Self-Managed Work Teams: A Model From the Field. Team Performance Management: An International Journal, 19(1/2), 87-108.

Tee, M. Y., & Karney, D. F. (2010). Sharing and Cultivating Tacit Knowledge in an Online Learning Environment. International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, 5, 385-413.

Bryant, M. Karney, D. F., & Vigier, M. (2010). What Can Happen When Business and Language Faculty Cooperate Across an Ocean? American Journal of Business Education, 3(11), 119-129.

Tee, M. & Karney, D. F. (2009). A Framework and Mental Model to Foster Deep Learning in the Classroom. In A. Husani & I. Noraint (Eds.), DIMENSIONS OF EDUCATION: Issues, Challenges & Direction (pp. 293-314). New Delhi: Gyan Publishing House.

Barnes, F. B., & Karney, D. F. (2007). Setting the Stage for Effective Execution of Change: Practical Advice for Leading Change Efforts. International Journal of Business Research, 7(6), 45-56.

Karney, D. F., & Tee, M. (2007). Creating a Conducive Environment for Deep Learning in the Classroom. In Proceedings International Conference on Teaching and Learning. Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Karney, D. F., & Marker, D. (2007). Cultural Dissonance: a Micro-Process of Organizational Change. In Proceedings of the Academy of Management. Philadelphia.

Karney, D. F., & Hillmer, S. C. (2002). An Evaluation of the Foundations of Deming's Management Theory. In Proceedings of Eighth Annual Deming Research Seminar. New York.

Hillmer, S. C., & Karney, D. F. (2001). In Support of the Assumptions at the Foundation of Deming's Management Theory. Journal of Quality Management, 6(2), 371-400.

Dalrymple, J. Hillmer, S. C., Karney, D. F., Edgeman, R. L., & Geroy, G. (2000). Knowledge Creation and Advancement of Organizational Excellence. Quality Engineering, 12(4), 619-626.

Karney, D. F., Bryant, M. & Sheehan, D. (2000). Le Role des Professeurs de Langues dans L’Acceleration du Processus D’Internationalisation: L’Example D’Une Ecole de Commerce. [The Role of Language Professors in the Acceleration of the Globalization Process: The Example of One School of Business]. In Proceedings of 28th Congress UPLEGESS pour une identite et une citoyennete europeennes: position, roles et objectives nouveaux pour le professeur de langues. Brest, France: ENSIETA.

Karney, D. F., Barnes, F. & Feld, L. (1998). Unstated requirements from the Baldrige Criteria: Lessons Learned from John Deere. In Proceedings of the Southern Management Academy.

Hillmer, S. C., & Karney, D. F. (1997). Towards Understanding the Foundations of Deming's Theory of Management. Journal of Quality Management, 2(2), 171-189.

Kleinsorge, I. K., & Karney, D. F. (1992). Management of Nursing Homes Using Data Envelopment Analysis. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 26(1), 57-71.

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